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The Nerd News Show

Dec 3, 2013

Today we chat about PS4, our initial feelings on the Xbox One, and more Steam news. We also briefly discuss the awesome new payment card aptly named Coin, and get into another highly inappropriate discussion about pet names. Enjoy!

Nov 13, 2013

Holy hiatus Batman! We took a couple weeks off from the podcast because things were starting to get pretty hectic around here, but we're back, finally with episode 007. Rob, Matt, and our special guest Maria (Rob's Wife, aka The Ginger Nerd) sits down and discusses a wide multitude of things from the monstrous PS4 FAQ,...

Oct 23, 2013

Rob and Matt sit down with Chad Gibson, president of Sinister Undertone Comics. It's a real meaty discussion about the origins of Sinister Undertone, we delve into the Sinister Undertone universe, and Chad gives us the skinny on a ton of characters from his comics. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Oct 16, 2013

We're back and at it again! This episode Rob and Matt get all scientifical, Have a heated debate about PC's versus tablets, discuss the new Steam Controller and much more! 

Oct 9, 2013

We're back at it for episode number 004 and we've got an awesome show lined up. Today we discuss Zombies, the most depressing meeting I've ever had, Amazon's upcoming Kindle Fire HDX, and George A Romero's new zombie comic.