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The Nerd News Show

Apr 27, 2015

This week, Rob and Maria sit down and have a plentiful chat about what went down in the world of tech. Rob celebrates the downfall of the Comcast/Time Warner merger, Maria talks Biogentical modification, and the resulting consequences. They also drop the scoop on Google's big wireless announcement, and do some...

Apr 20, 2015

This one is a full show guys! Rob, Maria, AND Matt (back from the dead), sit and discuss all the craziness from this past week. They give their analysis of the leaked Batman v Superman trailer, the new Star Wars trailer, and what's coming next from Marvel. They also give Mortal Kombat X a mini review and tell you...

Apr 15, 2015

This week Rob and Maria sit down and discuss the latest in the world of WWE, The Walking Dead Season finale and spinoff show titled 'Fear The Walking Dead' and their overwhelming excitement for the upcoming Motor City Comic Con!

Apr 9, 2015

This week we sat down with Dan Bennett from DNA Design Co. and have a lovely conversation about life, liberty, and the pursuit of design. Dan tells us where and how he got his start in digital design, shares some stories of Rock N Roll past, and lets us in on what's happening with the second season of Andrea Love's Real...