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The Nerd News Show

Apr 11, 2018

Rob and Maria finally kick off their beloved "con season" with a trip to Chicago for the 2018 edition of C2E2!

Listen as they talk about their most and least favorite moments from the weekend. They talk about the minor and major changes to the show, the layout of the main floor, all the happenings around the con and...

Apr 4, 2018

This week, Rob and Maria tear into the recent privacy leaks happening at Facebook. They discuss how it happened, why it happened, and what we can do to stop it from happening in the future. 


Mar 27, 2018

Rob and Maria are back from their 100th episode high, with episode 101! This week, they get into a discussion about Netflix's new apocalypse series 'The Rain,' and whether or not it has what it takes to dethrone The Walking Dead.

They also chat up the mad genius that is Elon Musk and how insanely ambitious his hyper...

Mar 15, 2018

Finally! We made it to 100 episodes, and to celebrate we recorded this episode on Facebook Live! Join Rob and Maria as they hop into the massive success of the Black Panther movie and where it sits in Marvel movie history. They also talk about how the movie is smashing expectations at the box office, perfectly paving...

Feb 20, 2018

This week Rob and Maria have an in-depth discussion around the wildly popular "Black Panther" movie. They give some slightly spoilery opinions on the movie and why it may very well be the best Marvel movie to date. Rob also talks about the nuance of Michael B Jordan's take on Erik Killmonger, and why he thought...