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The Nerd News Show

Jan 4, 2018

Rob and Maria welcome 2018 with a special episode of the Nerd News Show! This week, they recap the year that was with 2017. They highlight their most and least favorite moments from the year, TV shows they loved and hated, movies, music, and so much more!

They also recap their favorite moments from Comic Con,...

Dec 10, 2017

This week, Rob and Maria talk about the first official trailer for Marvel's Infinity War. They unpack all the happenings within the trailer and what it means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

They also look ahead to Sunday's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, while wondering if the franchise has lost...

Nov 29, 2017

Ben Affleck is on his way out as Batman, and there are already whispers about rebooting the franchise. Rob and Maria discuss why this could be both a blessing and a curse for a DC universe that's already playing catch up.

They also discuss a new PornHub pop up shop in New York, and the next generation of...

Nov 22, 2017

Rob and Maria are switching it up and going single topic for this week's show. At the center of the discussion lies one very important thing: Story Telling. Rob and Maria discuss the differences in movie and TV franchises, and why writing great stories keeps fans engaged.

The discussion is lofted between the Marvel and...

Nov 8, 2017

This week was a bit of a free for all, as Rob and Maria ignore their show notes and go rogue. 

They take a trip down TV memory lane and reminisce about Maury Povich, Jenny Jones, and other trashy fun TV. They also chat about their brief obsession with reality TV shows.

From there, they talk about Amazon's creepy...