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The Nerd News Show

May 15, 2017

DNA Design Co. Founder Dan Bennett returns to the podcast. We had a fun chat about what he's been up to, the stellar growth of DNA Design and what drives him.

If you're an entrepreneur or simply have a passion project, this episode is CAN'T MISS!

Apr 26, 2017

Rob and Maria share their experiences from the C2E2 comic con this past weekend! They also discuss the importance of cosplay, a good guest list, and how much they love the Grubhub app!

Apr 19, 2017

I got a chance to chat with Mr. Ernie Hudson from Fox's new show 'APB.' Ernie is a consummate professional, and you can tell he loves his craft. We talked about his role on APB, whether or not he hesitated on taking the role given the negative perception of police, and he tells us just how much he identifies with...

Mar 21, 2017

Rob and Maria discuss the recent health issues that have been affecting Stan Lee's comic con appearances, the potential for a comic con museum, and they break down last week's episode of The Walking Dead, "Bury Me Here"

Mar 13, 2017

Rob and Maria run through their favorite stories from the past week in the 75th episode of The Nerd News Show! Maria dishes on some issues plaguing the Joy-Cons from the Nintendo Switch, Rob talks about another planet that resembles the home planet of everyone's favorite Jedi, and more discussion around the...